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Pretty in Pink!

Who knew that the horses of CDF would revolutionize the equine shoeing industry? CDF has always been about the horse: what they do to inspire humans and the lessons they teach if we listen.

Who knew? From duct tape and insulation board to scans, CAD and 3D printing, to a mold and then the finished flexible composite material, Easy’s Slipper® launched at the International Hoof Care Summit in January. Over twelve years in development and testing we received a U.S. Design Patent in September 2013, we owe it all to the horses of Carpe Diem Farms.  Their hoof and joint issues; laminitis, thin soles, arthritis and even a hairline fracture provided a laboratory to help make them comfortable and work to heal them and now horses everywhere.

Unlike traditional shoeing methods, boots and other glue-on horse shoes, Easy’s Slipper® provides better shock absorption and vibration dissipation. An independent scientific research firm found the Slipper to be 64-220% better than the competition in both aspects. Additionally, the lightweight slipper has less impact on the weight load in the horses’ shoulder, allowing for organic movement and flexibility. It reduces stress on bones, ligaments and joints, allowing for natural flexion of the hoof and increased oxygenation and blood flow of the horses’ body. It’s better than we ever imagined!

At the Summit we met Dave Giza, owner of Genesis Farriers, in Culpepper, Virginia; a farrier, equine podiatrist, Clydesdale breeder and owner of 18 approached us to develop Easy’s Slipper® for draft horses. Now, with a knowledgeable draft farrier on our team, we came home and made our first pair of size 7 draft shoes. Dave’s client of four years, “Rugby” the Percheron became the first glue-on draft client. Suffering from Navicular, Rugby was lame more than sound. “With his Easy’s Slippers® he can walk, trot, canter and even jump in a sandy arena,” said his owner, Owen Highfill.

Who knew that Clydesdale owners would like colored shoes and requested Easy’s Slipper® in pink! Invented and manufactured at CDF we can meet most specialty requests. There is Ruby Red and Big Boy Blue is next! Pictured are Clydesdales “Belle” and “She-She Patrick” in their “Pretty in Pink” slippers!

CDF is a 501©(3) educational, nonprofit foundation. Like Easy’s Slipper® on fB.

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